June 27th, 2008

SLA Art for Sale!

Hey guys, I'm trying to clear out a whole bunch of my artwork that's gathering dust in my room
so it's time put stuff up for sale. I hope you find these prices reasonable -

APC - £30.00 - (SOLD)

Boom - £30.00

Scavs - £30.00 - (SOLD)

Sector Wall - £30.00 - (SOLD)

Shiver Outpost - £35.00 - (SOLD)

The Bayou - £30.00 (SOLD)

These are just a few samples, but if there was other art that I did in HunterSheets Issue 1, or Cannibal Sector 1 drop me a line at -- daveallsop23@googlemail.com -- for more details. I'll no doubt be posting more illustrations on the website next week.

Have a good weekend

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