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So, last night at our SLA game a discussion came up about the SLA source material. It was generally agreed that one of the best facets of the origianl source was that many things were touched on but little, if anything, truly explored in depth there by allowing GM's to explore their own dark reasons behind said source.

It was then brought up how different the current source material being produced, such as CS1, is completely at odds with this. The background behind Diggers army of Manchines is all encompassing, right down to the motivations and thoughts of the top dog himself even if the writing to tie it in with existing cannon of the "stairs of body parts" was awkward and disjointed.

Actually the whole section the Manchines seems to be a support for the BPN of the same book in which they rise up against their creator in the well trodden cliche of Frankenstein, I Am Robot, Terminator, The Sorcerers Apprentice and Golem (the list goes on). Why one would write a BPN that destroys the game universe for anything other than a one shot convention game, let alone a source book is quite perplexing.

How Diggers revenge is so complete and overwhelming in the face of the 30,000 Stormers awake daily on Artery alone, that can be instantly transported across the galaxy in fold ships to join an army of Necathropes, some of which rivalling the insidious "Spinner" in deadliness, lead by and immortal alien demigod mercenary seems as ill thought out as it is out of place.

Perhaps Digger was best left as a bogeyman lurking in the dark of Salvation Tower cloaked in fear's deepest wellspring- the unknown.

SLA Art for Sale!

Hey guys, I'm trying to clear out a whole bunch of my artwork that's gathering dust in my room
so it's time put stuff up for sale. I hope you find these prices reasonable -

APC - £30.00 - (SOLD)

Boom - £30.00

Scavs - £30.00 - (SOLD)

Sector Wall - £30.00 - (SOLD)

Shiver Outpost - £35.00 - (SOLD)

The Bayou - £30.00 (SOLD)

These are just a few samples, but if there was other art that I did in HunterSheets Issue 1, or Cannibal Sector 1 drop me a line at -- daveallsop23@googlemail.com -- for more details. I'll no doubt be posting more illustrations on the website next week.

Have a good weekend

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Going through old files

I was going through some old SLA art and came across these color samples. I'm not quite sure what these were meant for, I was trying out color rendering styles. These were created as comic samples (as is my LJ icon).

Anyway, they are - Carrien, Contract Hunter, and Dark Night Agent :)

They might work as badges? Hmm.
How do people feel about SLA badges? We did a short run of them back at Nightfall and people seemed to like them :)

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Cubicle 7 Posts

Hi guys, just another quick update -

I've re-registered on the Cubicle 7 forum to discuss future SLA products -


This community and the Cubicle 7 forums are the only areas I'm likely to be posting on.
SLA_Development is mostly for announcements, but the Cubicle 7 site is where I'll be going into SLA in detail.

Hope to see you there :)


More HunterSheets

here are three of the new character images that'll appear in HunterSheets Issue Two.

General Sidi Gejkta - 'Southern Equator' Wraithen*
SkullBaby - Rogue Enforcer Shiver
Socko - Downtown Serial Killer

*For Future Reference - the aliens formerly known as 'Wraith Raiders' are now being referred to as Wraithen. (It seemed that the SLA race should have a proper sounding name :) Can a Wraith actually raid?)

In future editions of SLA, you'll also notice that the Wraithen have got new visuals too. Sidi is a 'southern equator' Wraithen - which means he has a stockier build, a slightly broader head, and most noticeably his eyes are much closer to the front of the head.
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We're Back

Sorry, it's taken such a long time to get things underway again. I'm still freelancing which leaves me very little time to work on anything personal. Whenever I get time I typically work on SLA, and I'm hoping over the coming months to get more time to develop our new products.

First up is going to be HUNTERSHEETS: Issue 2. The development on this product is well underway already, and just to prove it, here is a sneaky peak at what's to come :-

yup, this is another one of the Conflict Races, thundering towards the World Of Progress after nearly a thousand years - The Root Dogs...

more to come!

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